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Welcome to The Taste of Darling

The Taste of Darling Event is cancelled this year, due to the ongoing drought.

Come and experience Darling, and let us spoil you with music, food, beer, wine, arts and crafts – a feast for the senses – which are all those things which reflect the variety and ingenuity of this small West Coast town.

Food – Beer – Wine – Music – Arts and much more.

There is much that is special about Darling, where time is still measured by the Church clock and only last week did we have a cow strolling the Main Street.

Most special is that this town (or maybe “dorpie”) which on the surface may seem time-warped, has not only a huge heart but a bellyful of innovation, creativity and talent. But what else would one expect with a First Lady like Evita, a theatre like the Perron, and a train which toots its way through two or three times a day?

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